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A Global Plan to Save Coral Reefs from Extinction

 ‘50 Reefs’ Initiative Seeks to Address Complete Collapse of Coral Reefs due to Climate Change, Preventing Economic & Environmental Disaster

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and the Paul G. Allen Foundation


BALI, Indonesia (Feb. 24, 2017) – A global plan to save coral reefs from complete eradication caused by climate change, pollution and overfishing launched today at The Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali. The initiative, called 50 Reefs, brings together leading ocean, climate and marine scientists from around the world to develop a list of the 50 most critical coral reefs to protect.

50 Reefs will be the first global plan to save the the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet. The final list and corresponding initiatives, to be announced later this year, will seek to raise awareness of the increasing severity of climate change impacts in the ocean and catalyze the global action and investment required to protect these important reef systems for the future.